Why is my order not processing?

Please input correct billing address or your order will not go through check out. 

How long does a splitter install take?
Install of a KNG Rodless Splitter takes 30-45 Mins, Splitter with Rods Install Takes 1-1.5 Hrs. 

Does my splitter include support rods?

No it does not include rods, you can purchase our KNG ENGINEERING Support Rods through our website on the Accessories Section. 

Does my splitter come with color?

No, it does not you can add that through our Color Trim Section. 

How do the side skirts mount to the charger?
Skirts are mounted by Screws to the body of the Car, Evenly Spaced out Screws and the skirts Will be Sturdy!

How long does it take to ship an order out?
Allow 5-7 business days after payment to ship, not including weekends, they are custom made to order!

Is hardware included with your products? 
Yes, we do include hardware.

How can I schedule an appointment for an install?
Give us a call to schedule your Appointment @ (747) 242-4985 Monday-Friday 8:30 AM- 5 PM

Do you work on Mopar only or any car?
We work on any car that wants to come in! Website is not Fully Uploaded with all our Products Bare with us while we Upload more or Give us a Call/text or Dm Us on Instagram to make an order!

What other services do you provide other than the aero kits?
We do it all! We can do Wraps, Parts Installs (Lowering springs/Spoiler Installs/ Headers) HeadLight/Tailight Tint! If its not listed here Give us a Call or Text and we can answer any other questions!

How can I get a quote on a vehicle wrap for my car?

Email us with the description of your vision wrap, model, make, and year. 

What do I do if my item arrived damaged from shipment?

Please contact us as soon as possible. 

Where do you ship items to?

We only ship within the U.S. at the moment, all our items are large and if an item is desired to be shipped out of state the cost will be high for shipping alone. We will gladly give you quotes if you need an item out of state before placing an order.  

What is the return policy?